• The Sky's The Limit: Pursuing Flight Lessons Through The GI Bill

    If you're a veteran and you dream of taking to the skies, it may please you to know that you can get tuition assistance -- and possibly even full coverage -- to pursue your dream of flight. Whether you want a flight engineering degree or you're itching for a pilot's license, taking the classes you need is easier than ever. Before you go off applying to schools, however, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with just how much of the specific bill will be reimbursed for you.
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  • Signs That The Holidays Are Stressing Out Your Preschooler, And What To Do About It

    The holidays are supposed to be a time of joy in the life of a child--and in many cases, this is true. Yet the holidays can also be a time of stress for young children. These stressors can come from a variety of sources. Parental stress--either over money or time--can filter down to their children. In addition, children experience a great deal of disruption to their schedule around the holidays. Late nights spent at holiday gatherings, rising early to go visit relatives, and even time spent overnight at grandma and grandpa's house can be a stressor.
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  • 4 Ways To Prepare Your Document's Layout For Multiple Translations

    When you are preparing a document for translation into several different languages, its format matters. It is not just the words on the page that will be utilized during a translation; the layout of your document will be a factor as well. Not all of the languages of the world are read and processed like English from a page. Therefore, the page layout will play a critical role in the legibility of the translated text.
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