Childcare & Germs: Three Tips To Decrease Illness In Your Child And Family

Posted on: 2 October 2015

Germs spread quickly in a child care situation, and if your child is in daycare or preschool and being exposed to those germs, you may be concerned about this affecting your household. Below are three tips on lessening the number and impact of germs that your child comes into contact with and how you can keep your family happy and healthy all season long. Consider a Smaller Daycare Setting
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Going To College When You Have A Baby: What You Should Know About Child Care

Posted on: 2 September 2015

Going to college is an exciting and transitional time in anyone's life. When you have a baby to take care of, the prospect of going to college can seem even more daunting, if not impossible. However, you should not let the fact that you have a baby stop you from going to college. In fact, creating a better life for yourself and your child is likely one of the reasons that you want to go to college in the first place.
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Classroom Observation For Administrators: Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 31 July 2015

Classroom observation is an important part of any balanced curriculum. All teachers must understand that they will be observed at various points throughout their careers—by principals, administrators, and possibly even parents. In observing a lesson, however, there are mistakes that admins and others should avoid so as to make the most of the experience. By avoiding these mistakes, a fair assessment of the instructor's abilities can be given. Not Knowing the Class History
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Learn Why A Private School Can Be A Great Option For A Child Who Is Being Bullied In Public School

Posted on: 25 June 2015

If your child is being bullied in public school, consider sending them to a private school instead. Public schools have different regulations than private schools that they follow when it comes to managing the children within the school.  The following guide walks you through a few reasons why your bullied child may enjoy going to a private school more than a public school. Clothes Matter Less Many private schools require students to wear uniforms to school every day.
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