4 Reasons Driver's Training Is Worth The Investment

Posted on: 13 January 2015

If your teenager is nearing the age where they could drive a vehicle on their own, it's crucial that they have the proper training before they hit the roads. There are many different reasons why you should consider putting your child in a driver's education program so they can prepare for their written drivers test and for their driving test. Here are a few reasons to consider a licensed driver's training school in your area.

Instructors Are Certified

You may think that the instructor teaching your child to drive is just a teacher at the school, or someone who decided they wanted to run a class. The driver's training instructors should actually be certified and accredited to teach your child. This means they are trained to teach the state laws and regulations for driving. Before you sign up for any program, ask if all instructors are certified.

Teens are Statistically Safer with Training

A study that was conducted showed that teenage drivers that had taken some type of driver's training course were less likely to participate in dangerous behavior while they were behind the wheel of a vehicle. This means your teen less likely to speed, text and drive and more.

Training Requires Experience

A driver's training program will require that your teen spend a specific amount of time behind the wheel with a licensed driver. This means they will have real experience before they are on the roads on their own.

Lowered Insurance Rates

Teenage drivers are considered high risk, so the cost to insure them may be higher than anyone else on your insurance policy. Having your teen take a driver's training program can help you get a discount on your insurance rates, along with them taking a defensive driving course and getting good grades.

You will have to check with your states laws and regulations to see at what age your teen will be ready to get their learner's permit, and how long they must spend with the permit before they are able to take the test to get their full driver's license. There also may be restrictions on their license for a probationary period, until they can prove they can drive responsibly.

Although you won't be the person teaching your child in the classroom, you will still have to practice driving with your teen. You are going to feel better knowing your teenager was trained by experts when they start to drive. For more information, contact a local driving school, like Dollar Driving School.


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