Choosing A Child Care Facility? What To Look For

Posted on: 15 June 2016

If you are looking into different daycare centers in your area and you aren't sure how you can tell them all apart, there are a few things you want to look into before dropping your child off. There are many state requirements and standards that the facility is forced to maintain, and that's why you want to use a licensed facility when choosing a childcare option. Here are a few of the things you want to ask when you tour the facility or things you want to look into on your own.

When Was The Last Health Inspection?

You don't have to ask the childcare facility. Instead, you can ask the local health department when the last time the facility had an inspection. You can look at the reports to see if there were any concerns that may worry you about the cleanliness or safety of the building, and this may help you decide what daycare is going to be the best for you.

Do All Employees Get A Background Check?

Do all employees that work for the daycare get a background check, even if they are there to do secretarial or janitorial work? You want to know that the people that are caring for your child (and those who are in the building with them) have no past offenses that would make you nervous about having them around your child.

Who Is CPR And First Aid Certified?

Are all the staff members that are caring for your child first aid certified? Can they all do CPR on your child if needed? Make sure that it isn't just one person that is in the building while the children are there. All of the employees that are going to be watching the kids and interacting with them throughout the day should be trained.

When you walk into the childcare facility, you should be able to tell if you think that the area is clean, if the staff seems friendly, and if their daily agenda is something that will work for your child. You want to go to a few different places until you find a facility that makes you feel comfortable, and where you think that your child is going to strive. Picking the right childcare facility is an important part of your child's development as they grow, so make sure that you pick the safest and best option for your child. For more information, check out sites like


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