Tips To Help Your Child Succeed In History Class

Posted on: 30 January 2015

Your child's education is one of the most important parts of your parental responsibilities. This is especially true in modern society where your child's grades will determine what colleges they can attend. Unfortunately, some children will struggle with certain subjects, and history is a rather common problematic subject area. Luckily, there are a couple of tips you can follow to help your child turn this weakness into a strength. 

Carefully Review Your Child's Curriculum 

It is difficult to help your child prepare for the coming school year if you do not know what they will be studying. Unfortunately, many parents do not take the time to carefully review and copy their child's curriculum for the coming year. Most teachers will send a copy of these home on the first day of school, but if they do not, they will provide you with one upon request. 

This document will allow you to know what your child will be learning on each day during the school year. Armed with this knowledge, you can ensure that any tutoring lessons your child receives will be tailored to the coming subject matter, and this can help them be better prepared for the topics that they will cover during class. 

Incorporate Fun Into Learning History

One of the reasons that some students struggle with history is because it is often presented as nothing more than memorizing dates and facts. In addition to being a very dull way to learn, this is not particularly effective because it can have a rather low knowledge retention rate. However, you can offset this by incorporating games and other fun activities into the tutoring schedule. 

In particular, there are history apps that can help students learn through a competitive trivia format. By competing against other students, your child may find more motivation to learn the specific dates and facts that are demanded by some teachers.  If your child doesn't like competition, you can use other apps, like Study APe, that uses flash cards and quiz questions.

In addition to games, you should also take your child to relevant historical sites and museums. Seeing historical objects in-person can help make the past seem more real, and you may find that this greatly increases your child's interest in the topic. 

It is a fact of life that many students will struggle to do well in history. However, knowledge of this topic is essential for someone to be an educated member of society, and low grades can make college admissions more difficult for your child. By following these two tips, you will be better able to help your child succeed with this subject. 


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