Physical Versus Computerized Visual Roofing Exams: How To Prepare For Either One

Posted on: 5 November 2015

When you are working on your required education to become a roofer, you have to pass a roofer's exam to become licensed. Roofing exam prep could go two different ways, just like the exam itself. It really depends on your location and how your instructors plan on conducting the exam. Some will actually take you out to several physical sites and ask you to determine what is wrong with the roofs you see. Others will give you a computerized visual test instead, showing you pictures of what is wrong and asking you to determine by sight alone what the roofing problem is. Here is how to prepare for either one.

Physical Roof Exams

The only way to pass this kind of exam is to spend a lot of time looking at actual roofs. If you can, intern for a roofing contractor and follow him or her around to every client's location. Do not look at just residential roofs either, because you do not know what types of roofs or roofing problems your instructor will eventually quiz you on. Ask to see as many different types of roofs and roof problems as the roofing contractor is willing to show you. Ask a lot of questions too, because some roofing problems are not so easy to spot, but you may not be able to enter the building to get a better look at the ceilings under the test roofs during your exam.

Computerized Visual Roofing Exams

Some of the better computerized roofing exams will also provide a couple of details about the roofing picture you will be given to look at. These are a little easier to figure out, because some of the pictures used in these exams may look as though there is nothing wrong with the roofs at all, or the pictures may be more like a cartoon illustration than an actual picture. There are several online roofing exam prep courses that you can purchase, which would help you prepare for any of the visual questions on your computerized roofing exam.

There are some free exam simulations to take too. These can help prepare you for many of the different visuals your instructor might use on your exam. Some of these courses will help you run through several simulations of the same exam that your instructor might use in your state, since some of the laws governing roofing repair are more state-oriented than federal or universal laws.

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