5 Ways A Montessori Education Could Benefit Your Child

Posted on: 14 December 2015

The Montessori method of teaching considers each child as a naturally inquisitive being who loves to learn. The method supports an environment that allows the child to ask questions that lead to discovery-based learning at his or her own pace. The Montessori philosophy has been tested in multiple cultures over a span greater than 100 years

Here are a few ways that a Montessori education can benefit your child:

Your child learns to think in abstract terms instead of simply learning facts. 

Montessori teaching programs help children discover the premise behind educational concepts. For instance, a child in a Montessori school may interact with an abacus and counted objects to learn how to count in terms of ones and tens instead of simply memorizing a number scale for verbal regurgitation. 

Your child's senses are exercised.

A Montessori education presents your child with different textures, shapes and colors through hands-on interactions. For instance, as your little one learns about land and water, he or she may be permitted to pour water into different containers or run their fingers through sand. 

Learning is paced by your child.

Most learning programs have a standardized pace to which the young student is expected to adhere. However, a Montessori teacher is led by the cues of the child. Instead of providing the child with step-by-step instruction, the teacher presents the child with a structured environment that guides the child to help him or her learn the process of discovery. 

The scope and sequence of learning for a specific subject is preset. However, the child selects a subject on his or her own. The child's selection signifies his or her interest and facilitates learning. 

Independence is encouraged.

Your child is encouraged to do as much as he or she is capable of in a Montessori environment. In a traditional learning setting, a child must often conform to the pace of the group. However, children learn at their own pace in a Montessori school. Once a child learns a particular concept, he or she can progress to the next concept in the sequence, regardless of whether or not the other students have learned the same concept.

Your child is not graded.

With a Montessori education, your child does not earn a grade. Instead, they are encouraged to learn and discover for the joy of the process. As a result, your child is less likely to need a physical reward, such as a gold star or a candy treat, as motivation. 

If you are considering a private education for your child, a Montessori school may be just what you are looking for. Schedule an appointment with a Montessori school like http://www.fmes.org in your area for a tour.


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