An Adultier Adult: Plotting A New Future In Late Adulthood

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Sometimes you realize that you need to make a change in your path. Sometimes this realization comes later on in life than you would like. If you are considering making a change and need to get an education to do so, you should make up a plan to go about it as quickly as possible. Here are some steps to take to get a new life and career when you are hitting middle age.

Take the necessary GED test immediately

If you have not finished high school, taking the GED test is the quickest route to getting a high school equivalency degree. If you have picked up or retained mathematics skills, plus honed your linguistics skills as an adult, you may be able to pass the test more easily than you think. Seek out a local testing center and ask to take the examination. If you do not pass on the first try, there are study books you can rent from the library plus online practice exams that can help you better prepare.

Go for a general associate's degree

Associate's degree programs are two-year programs and can sometimes be completed even faster depending on how many classes you can take per semester. If you are interested in an advanced degree, good general fields that can get you jobs are business information degrees or degrees in fields like accounting. With these degrees, you can find jobs in technology, retail, corporate america, and other jobs. Getting a degree in a general field will allow you to branch out later without having to gain a new degree.

Market yourself as experienced

Though you may feel that your younger classmates have a leg up with their youth, you have a leg up with your experience. Instead of hiding your past experiences because they were not in the field that you are in now, play up on the fact that you have been working for over 20 years. Find endorsements from past employers who like the work that you have done and express what you learned from your prior experience and how it can relate to your current career placement. Having experience, especially good, long-term job experiences, will make you impressive to employers.

Restructure your retirement

If you are going from a career where you were low paid to a brand new career that will bump you up into middle class, restructuring your retirement is a good idea. After you get your degree, look over your current IRA or pension and determine what it will take to retire comfortably. Since you are middle age, you will have to apply more money than your work peers into retirement. See a financial planner to go over how much you should save per month and where the rest of your income should go so that you use your new income increase wisely.


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